Charon Ellis

Message from the Executive Director

To North Capitol Collaborative Inc. (NCCI)

Community Partners and Donors:


Close your eyes and imagine how at the end of a long day, you don’t have a home to go to, let alone, a soft bed for you or your kids to lay down. Imagine being a child and not having food to eat for nourishment to grow. There are many basic necessities that we take for granted, that NCCI families are not financially fortunate to experience daily. North Capitol Collaborative, Inc. (NCCI) since it’s; inception goal is dedication, commitment, and service to vulnerable residents of the District of Columbia by empowering, and uplifting communities, families, and individuals utilizing a strengths-based approach that promotes hope for a better tomorrow. NCCI accomplishes our commitment through a number of corporate, non-profit, individual, federal and District of Columbia government partnerships. These invaluable partnerships enable NCCI the ability to provide wrap-around services and resources to D.C. residents to assist them in stabilizing, thriving, and building a healthy family life and community.


The harsh reality is that despite numerous safety net provisions, many families continue to experience food poverty and bouts of homelessness due to financial difficulties and other socio-economic challenges. Your donation will not only provide needed financial support, but it also assists NCCI sustainability of our programmatic operations to continue to provide valuable resources to D.C.’s vulnerable. Can we count on you to make a difference in a vulnerable resident life?


Thank you in advance for your generous support!